Student Bios and Research

Natalie Baughan

I graduated from the University of Michigan in 2019 with a degree in Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences. During my years there, I became interested in medical physics while doing research in the optimization of radiation therapy treatment planning. I joined the GPMP in 2019 and currently work in Dr. Giger’s lab. My research focuses on developing a novel method of breast cancer risk assessment from mammography and tomosynthesis imaging. Outside of doing research, I enjoy bouldering, exploring the Chicago food scene, and hanging out by the lake.

Julian Bertini

I’m originally from Ecuador, where I lived for the first half of my life. I grew up in North Carolina upon moving to the United States, where I attended Davidson College to study physics and computer science. I joined the GPMP in 2019 directly after graduating from college. I now work with Dr. Tim Carroll on evaluating stroke risk in people with intracranial atherosclerosis by using MRI physics and computational algorithms. Outside of work, I enjoy all forms of exercise, such as running, biking, or yoga. I also enjoy listening to live music and attempting to play it. 

Brittany Broder

After graduating from Western Kentucky University with degrees in Physics and Arabic Language and Literature in 2016, I spent a year at IMT Atlantique in Nantes, France studying Nuclear science  through the Fulbright program before joining the Medical Physics program at UChicago in 2017. I work with Dr. Chin-Tu Chen on the development of novel radiotracer Vanadium-48-Vanadyl Acetylacetonate for cancer imaging and its subsequent kinetic modelling. Outside of work, I enjoy baking, biking on the lakefront trail, exploring local bakeries, and hanging out with my dog.  

Lindsay Douglas

I joined the GPMP at UChicago in 2018 after graduating from the University of Tulsa with a B.S. in Physics. In my first research rotation at UChicago, I verified the feasibility of using an inkjet printer to create anthropomorphic phantoms for pediatric radiography and fluoroscopy. Now, I am a member of Dr. Giger’s lab, and I research computer-aided diagnosis. So far, I have worked on breast lesion segmentation and automatic scoring of background parenchymal enhancement from DCE-MRI. I enjoy the fact that this program has led me to collaborate with radiologists who help me focus my project on clinical applications. Outside of work, I like to listen to music, bake, and attempt to keep all my plants alive.

Jordan Fuhrman

I joined the UChicago Medical Physics program in 2017 after completing degrees in math and physics at the University of Alabama.  After joining the Giger Lab in early 2018, my research has focused on the development of computer-aided diagnosis tools for diseases in thoracic and head CT scans, including coronary artery calcifications, hypoxic ischemic brain injury, and COVID-19.  Outside of research, I am an avid sports fan (especially football and basketball, and some soccer since the pandemic started), board game night attendee, and resident pet-sitter for all of my friends.

Inna Gertsenshteyn

After graduating from Boston University with a BA in Physics in 2015, I worked for 2 years as an image analyst at Invicro in Boston before coming to UChicago in 2017. I am now a member of the Halpern Lab and Chen Lab, working in multimodal imaging of tumor hypoxia with FMISO PET, EPR, and DCE-MRI. Before the pandemic, I enjoyed putting together local shows and attending concerts around Chicago. Now I like to cook, walk along Lake Michigan, and hang out with cats.

Adam Hasse

I joined the GPMP at UChicago after graduating from the University of Tennessee with a B.S. in nuclear engineering with a minor in physics. Currently, I am a member of the Carroll lab working on novel quantitative MRI methods in the brain and their applications in the assessment of neurological diseases, mainly Multiple Sclerosis. Outside of work, I enjoy playing and watching soccer, board game nights with friends and family, watching movies, and cooking.

Sam Hendley

After graduating from the University of Florida in 2016 with a B.S. in physics and minors in music performance and math, I joined the GPMP at the University of Chicago. I am a fifth-year student at the BADER Lab and I am interested in using high-intensity focused ultrasound to help treat deep vein thrombosis. My enthusiasm for acoustics extends beyond the lab, and in my spare time I enjoy playing cello in several chamber groups around Chicago. I am passionate about science outreach, and work with STEM Scouts to help close the opportunity gap in the South Side. 

Isabelle Hu

I joined the GPMP at UChicago in 2017 after graduating from Carleton College with BA degrees in physics and mathematics. I am working in Dr. Giger’s lab and my research focuses on computer-aided medical image analysis for breast cancer and COVID-19. I am passionate about using AI-empowered technology to transform healthcare. Outside of research, I love traveling, hiking, yoga, and anything warm and fuzzy. I have also enjoyed exploring the diverse food scene and cultures in Chicago.

Linnea Kremer

I joined the GPMP at the University of Chicago in the fall of 2019 after completing my master’s in Bioengineering and playing competitive soccer at the University of Nottingham in the U.K. My master’s research was on quantitative, multi-parametric MRI analysis of the effect of dialysis on the major organs at the Sir Peter Mansfield Imaging Centre (SPMIC). I joined Dr.Sam Armato’s lab to do research on polycystic kidney disease, specifically autosomal dominant kidney disease, using quantitative MRI for diagnosis, prognosis, and disease progression. I have a B.S in physics with minors in math and Christian studies from Roanoke College, and also played soccer all four years. I love all things sports (soccer of course!), listening to live music, traveling, and drinking coffee.

Mira Liu

I started studying Medical Physics at UChicago in 2019 after a gap year doing research in MRI of the brain. I also went to UChicago for a B.A. in physics and philosophy with an undergraduate thesis in astrophysics. I am currently a member of Dr. Carroll’s lab and doing further research on non-invasive quantitative perfusion-diffusion MR of the brain for study of neurological disease such as stroke and Alzheimers. I’ve enjoyed getting to explore all of the different neighborhoods in Chicago, downtown music festivals, and curling up with a book, a cat, and some tea during Chicago winters. 

Jason Meier

I joined Uchicago’s Medical Physics program in 2020 after receiving B.S. degrees in physics and astronomy from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. I am currently in the process of completing my research rotations, but my primary interest is in the use of theranostic radiopharmaceuticals in nuclear medicine. Outside of research, I like to spend my free time fishing, camping, gaming, and exploring all the unique cultures and cuisines that Chicago has to offer.

Daniela Olivera Velarde

I joined the Graduate Program in Medical Physics at UChicago in Autumn 2020 after graduating from Berea College with a Major in physics and a minor in math. I am currently working in my research rotations. In my free time, I enjoy exercising, singing, and participating in outreach events to help with the education of teenagers back in my home country (Bolivia).

Benjamin Preusser

I joined the GPMP at the University of Chicago in 2018 after graduating from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota in 2017 where I received degrees in physics and mathematics. I am currently working with Dr. Patrick La Rivière and collaborators on light-field imaging and its application to kilovoltage and megavoltage imaging to improve detector quantum efficiency by imaging thick scintillators. In my free time, I enjoy the outdoors, learning about the latest tech, playing video games and the piano.

Geneva Schlafly

I joined the Graduate Program in Medical Physics at UChicago in Fall 2020. Before starting at UChicago, I graduated from University of California, Santa Barbara with a BS in Mathematics. I am currently working on my research rotations. When I am not studying or researching, I enjoy playing sports, card games, and making ceramics. 

Mena Shenouda

I graduated from the University of Michigan in 2019, earning a B.S. in biophysics and physics and minoring in religion before coming to the GPMP program in the fall of 2019. I currently work with Dr. Sam Armato, researching the field of radiomics and studying the segmentation of lung images of patients with pleural mesothelioma. Specifically, I’m implementing deep neural networks in the identification and image analysis of the diseased tissue. I’m an avid basketball and football fan, playing and watching both whenever possible and also enjoy watching movies and reading books of any genre.

Hadley DeBrosse

I joined the GPMP at the University of Chicago in 2019, after graduating in 2018 from the University of Dayton with a BS in Physics. During my time at UD and afterwards, I worked on the optical and microstructural optimization of a new plasmonic material, Titanium Nitride, with the Air Force Research Laboratory. I now work with Dr. La Rivière on the development of imaging geometries and reconstruction algorithms, for metal mapping with a new x-ray fluorescence emission tomography system. Beyond my imaging research, I have interests in radiation therapy and have enjoyed learning about clinical medical physics through coursework and practicums in the GPMP. Outside of work, I love to rock climb with other GPMP students, hike, take ballet classes, foster cats, and explore Chicago and its amazing restaurants.

Joel Toledo-Urena

I joined the GPMP in 2020 after graduating from Linfield College with a BS in Physics and a minor in Math. My undergraduate research was focused on studying contact potentials and conduction of various two-dimensional materials using Kelvin Force Probe Microscopy. In my spare time I like to go hiking and play soccer. I also enjoy camping and spending time at the beach.  

Scott Trinkle

I came to the GPMP in 2016 after majoring in nuclear and radiological science at the University of Florida. I work with Dr. Patrick La Rivière and collaborators in Neurobiology, using high-resolution imaging from micron-scale synchrotron CT and nano-scale serial electron microscopy to characterize the cellular basis of the MRI signal, helping us measure the orientation of individual nerve fibers and estimate whole-brain connectivity. When not working, I enjoy going to the movies, rock climbing, playing guitar, and exploring the city. 

Chisondi Warioba

I joined the Graduate Program in Medical Physics in the Autumn of 2021 after graduating from Westmont College with a B.S. in Chemistry and Physics and Biology. I am currently doing my research rotations; however, when I am not studying, I enjoy listening to music, playing/watching sports, playing guitar, and oil painting.