PhD Program in Medical Physics

The Committee on Medical Physics offers a program to provide aspiring medical physicists with the knowledge they will need in their future professions. Our program leads to the Doctor of Philosophy degree with an emphasis on research that provides preparation for careers in academia, industry, and/or clinical support roles.




I decided to pursue a career in imaging physics research while finishing my Bachelor of Science in Mathematics at the College of Creative Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. I am beginning my fourth year as a Medical Physics PhD student in the lab of Patrick La Riviere, and in collaboration with Rudolf Oldenbourg at the Marine Biological Laboratory. I have enjoyed learning in-depth about medical imaging, radiation therapy, and computational microscopy.

For my dissertation research, I am developing image reconstruction techniques to solve the ill-posed, non-linear inverse image problem of polarized light field microscopy. These techniques will allow us to characterize the birefringence of optically anisotropic samples, such as crystals and neurons. See here to read about an imaging tool I developed to deconvolve and visualize light field microscopy images.

When I am not on campus, you may find me playing beach frisbee, running along the lake shore, or making pizza.

Geneva Schlafly

Geneva Schlafly

PhD student - La Riviere Lab