These research centers, as well as the other resources of the radiology and radiation oncology departments, provide medical physics researchers at the University with access to a great many state-of-the-art facilities:

  • 1.5T MR scanners
  • 3T MR scanner
  • 9.4 MRI/MRS system
  • electron paramagnetic resonance imaging spectrometer
  • 16-, 32- and 64-slice helical CT scanners
  • 256-slice helical cone-beam scanner
  • 2 helical CT scanners with multiple 3D imaging workstations (for radiation treatment planning)
  • Advanced 256-slice dual energy helical cone-beam scanner
  • a dual-energy chest radiography system
  • a full-field digital mammography system
  • a PET scanner
  • a medical cyclotron
  • several computer-controlled dual-energy linear accelerators with multileaf collimators, dynamic treatment capability, solid-state megavoltage imagers, and kilovoltage 2D and cone-beam imaging capabilities
  • a computer-controlled high dose rate remote after loading brachytherapy system
  • a virtual reality display system
  • several computed radiography systems
  • many general-use and specialized image processing and display computers linked via a high-speed network
  • a machine and electronics shop