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Latest issue of the Journal of Medical Imaging published many papers from GPMP students

Volume 10 of the JMI was published in November 2023

The latest issue of the Journal of Medical Imaging, published in November of 2023, has many authors from the Graduate Program in Medical Physics.

Every paper in the "Computer-Aided Diagnosis" section is first-authored by a current or former GPMP student, including:

1) Natalie Baughan: Sequestration of imaging studies in MIDRC: stratified sampling to balance demographic characteristics of patients in a multi-institutional data commons

2) Lindsay Douglas: U-Net breast lesion segmentations for breast dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging

3) Linnea Kremer: Magnetic resonance imaging preprocessing and radiomic features for classification of autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease genotype

4) Mena Shenouda: Assessment of a deep learning model for COVID-19 classification on chest radiographs: a comparison across image acquisition techniques and clinical factors

Other former students and faculty have the following papers:

1) Karen Drukker: Toward fairness in artificial intelligence for medical image analysis: identification and mitigation of potential biases in the roadmap from data collection to model deployment

2) Madeleine Durkee: Generalizations of the Jaccard index and Sørensenindex for assessing agreement across multiple readers in object detection and instance segmentation in biomedical imaging

3) Mira Liu: Quantitative perfusion and water transport time model from multi b-value diffusion magnetic resonance imaging validated against neutron capture microspheres

4) Heather Whitney: Longitudinal assessment of demographic representativeness in the Medical Imaging and Data Resource Center open data commons

Click here to read the journal. Congratulations to all!

Notably, this issue of the Journal of Medical Imaging is the last issue with GPMP faculty member Dr. Maryellen Giger as its editor-in-chief, a position she has held diligently since the journal was first published in 2014.