Behzad Ebrahimi

Research Summary
I am investigating the feasibility of extracting kinetic information from statistical characteristics, including spatial distribution patterns of pathological biomarkers. The long-term goal of my research is to develop methods to characterize dynamic microenvironments, with particular emphasis on cancer, through identifying phenotypes, and investigating their cross-talks, interactions, and potential emergence behaviors. Projects are available for students interested in developing spatiotemporal models for dynamic biological systems.
  • University of Miami Residency 2018 Medical Physics
  • Harvard School of Medicine, MGH Postdoc 2016 Medical Imaging
  • Mayo Clinic Postdoc 2014 Medical Imaging
  • University of Michigan PhD 2008 Biomedical Engineering
  • University of Michigan MS 2004 Biomedical Engineering
  • Sharif University of Technology MS 2001 Physics
  • University of Tehran BS 1996 Physics
Biosciences Graduate Program Association