Hadley DeBrosse

PhD candidate - La Rivière Lab

I came to the University of Chicago in 2019 after graduating in 2018 from the University of Dayton with a BS in physics. By joining the GPMP, I knew my doctoral research would contribute to technology that makes a positive difference for human wellbeing. I am now a PhD candidate in the La Riviére lab, where I work on the development of imaging geometries and reconstruction algorithms for a new x-ray fluorescence emission tomography (XFET) system. Beyond my research, I have enjoyed learning about clinical diagnostic medical physics through coursework, practicums, and clinical shadowing. My favorite part of being in the GPMP is the opportunity to organize fun outreach events for the South Side community; I love bringing medical physics to community members and to those who wouldn’t otherwise experience it. Outside of work, I enjoy bouldering, hiking, ballet, and fostering cats.