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GPMP students and faculty participated in 2023 South Side Festival

GPMP students and faculty participated in the 2023 South Side Festival on September 30. The festival featured over 100 interactive science demonstrations led by 500 scientists and drew more than 4,500 people to UChicago’s campus.

The GPMP table was a success. Many attendees of all ages showed up and learned more about science and medical physics in hands-on activities our students and faculty prepared.

Click here to see the full gallery with pictures of the event.

About the South Side Science Festival

Created in 2022, the South Side Science Festival brings the South Side and UChicago communities together for a day of fun outdoor science exploration, inspiring exchanges with faculty and student researchers, live experiments and demonstrations, food, and music.
Each year, the public can meet some of the scientists conducting top research on the South Side; talk to grad students about why they chose science; and fire up imaginations around the possibilities of STEM.