Machine learning and breast cancer risk assessment thesis defense


Congratulations to Kayla Robinson on defending her PhD thesis this week! Her dissertation is titled "Machine Learning on Medical Imaging for Breast Cancer Risk Assessment" and her advisor is Maryellen Giger.

MRI‐guided transurethral insonation of silica‐shell phase‐shift emulsions in the prostate


One of our graduate students, Greg Anthony, recently published an article in Medical Physics titled "MRI‐guided Transurethral Insonation of Silica‐shell Phase‐shift Emulsions in the Prostate with an Advanced Navigation Platform."…/abs/10.1002/mp.13279

Radiomics robustness assessment and classification


Kayla Robinson, one of our graduate students, recently had a paper published in the journal Medical Physics:…/full/10.1002/mp.13455 The paper is titled "Radiomics robustness assessment and classification evaluation: A two‐stage method demonstrated on multivendor FFDM," and explores a method that incorporates the reproducibility of individual texture features across imagi